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The Digital Marketing Playbook
- Learn how to leverage the 5 PILLARS of Internet Marketing to explode your company's revenues
- Learn how to optimize your website using Search Engine Optimization
- Use content marketing to drive traffic and build authority
- Find out the most profitable ways to use Social Media Marketing including exactly what to post, where to post it, and at what time!
- Create email marketing campaigns that build your marketing list and yield actual results

Digital Marketing is not just the way of the future, it's here now and those that take advantage it will see their company's grow. Those that continue to believe the old way still works are destined to get passed by and fail.  

Join the thousands of marketing professionals already using the strategies taught in this book and quickly separate yourself from the pack.

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About The Playbook

The Art & Science of Digital Marketing

More than theory, this guide is a down and dirty, simple to understand playbook on making digital marketing work for your company. Covering all of the main areas of online engagement, you'll walk away feeling confident in building a strategy moving forward.

5 Pillars of Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) -- Content Marketing -- Social Media Marketing -- Email Marketing -- Search Engine Marketing (SEM).  We've got you covered. Learn how they work separately and together to propel your business forward.

BONUS! : 4 Special Bonuses for a Limited Time

Download your free ebook and receive the following special bonuses created just for this publication:
- How to search Google like a Pro: A easy to understand guide on how to use Google's Advanced Search Operators to find exactly what you're looking for online.
- Social Media Posting Guide: A scientifically researched guide on what to post on what social networks, and at what times of the day and week to gain the most followers, shares, comments, and Likes.
- Conversion Optimization Cheat Sheet: A step-by-step guide to creating Calls-To-Action, Landing Pages, and Lead Magnets to increase sales and grow your marketing email list.
-  Putting It All Together Cheat Sheet: Take away the guesswork by using this cheat sheet to get your campaign up and running in no time at all.

Table of Contents

An abbreviated look at what's inside

About The Author

David Peters is a keynote speaker, author, and widely respected authority in the field of digital marketing.  David owns Net Point Marketing, a digital marketing agency headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. 

Turning Your Website into Your Most Powerful Marketing Weapon

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